Bali Adventure Service Center (BASIC) Methodologyfour dimensions: physical dimension, spiritual dimension, mental dimension, and emotional social dimension. Our training courses focus primarily on technical instruction in outdoor skills:

  1. Adventure Journey
  2. Self -Motivated Group
  3. Problem Solving

These three training courses are applied through Experiential Learning and involves participants in leadership and making group decisions that suit s well with adults’ learning process. The idea is to grow interpersonal relationships, improve morale and increase cooperation. Hence, they begin to learn important things about one another.

‘EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER’ is our focal point. BASIC delivers training outcomes to satisfied clients with specific adventure programs that take you out of your comfort zone and expose you to a different environment . Our training expertise of many years speaks for itself. We believe in delivering powerful programs that deliver results.

Bali Adventure Service Center (BASIC) Methodology

Being new to any environment holds an intrinsic level of apprehension, anxiety, difficulty and anticipation. BASIC Corporate Training Program encompasses High and Low Rope activities specially designed for this stress relief program that gives a huge amount of fun and fear to all participants.

The program serves as an effective tool to explore teamwork, leadership, communication, collaboration, trust and coaching strategy. At the end of the day, miracle works. Your organization will have improved productivity, better employee retention, increased profitability, to name just a few.