National Park Baluran, BAMA Beach, East Java

group of deersBASIC Team and other guests left Margo Utomo Agro Resort, Kalibaru around 4.30 am with the usual Adventure wheels, Land Rover. The weather was not so friendly to start this exciting trip, cloudy all the way and just 10 minutes before we arrived at Baluran National park, it was pouring rain. After 2 hours driving, we finally reached the park. And the real journey started, passing through the savanah. We were so lucky that day to witness those rarely seen animals, name it.. deers, peacock, baby peacock, python snake, monkeys, bekisar. It was so marvelous to see their freedom in the nature. Smell of the grass and grounds after rain, added up the tropical feels along our journey and thankful to have been given the chance to see this.

A short brief about this National Park. Its located at the regency of Situbondo, Banyuputih District. Geographically located on the East Coast of East Java. On the north side bordering with Madura Strait, Bajulmati river on the west side, east side is the Bali Strait and the west coast bordering with Klokoran River. Baluran, becomes a National Park since May 23, 1997. Lays on the 25.000 hectares of land, it is divided into 5 zones namely main zone, forest zone, intensive usage zone, special usage zone and rehabilitation zone.

7.30 am, after around 1 hour slow drive through the savanah, BASIC Team reached the main destination, BAMA Beach. Not many of us aware of this place, a very secluded beach with its white sands, very clean and a beautiful coral reef garden. The Mangrove along 6 kms along the beach protects the area from "unwanted" rubbish from the river especially during the interchange between dry to rainy season. We were welcome by the senior guide, Bpk. Sianto and Bpk. Djoko, the forest ranger. Since the beginning we arrived, there was one thing we keen to ask them and the only thing we want to find out about the unique activities done by the monkeys. One is "FISHING MONKEY"; the monkey will use their tails, dip in the sea water and catch a small crab or usually name "yuyu" and eat it. Another one is "DIVING MONKEY", they will jump from the mangrove tree branches straight to the sea and swim back to the beach. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to witness this uniqueness. When we confirmed with pak Sianto, he said, its a true happening activities however as we are speaking about the nature activities, they can not guarantee at which exact time or period these monkeys will demonstrate these performances.
getting ready for canoeing

Next thing we want to do before canoeing, was a picnic breakfast. But as soon as we opened our breakfast box, hundreds of monkeys and not knowing where they came from suddenly were around us. Pak Sianto suggested us to enjoy our breakfast indoor at their canteen. It was good though, because we had a nice conversation with Pak Sianto and Pak Djoko to question and exchange some information with this nice and experience people. BAMA Beach is currently maintaining their coral reef and these gentlemen invited BASIC team for canoeing and to see what BAMA beach can offer. The perfect timing for snorkeling and canoeing are between September to October even though after April already in good season to do these activities.

The sun start to shine and BASIC team did not want to miss the white  sandy beach opportunity for canoeing and see the beautiful coral reef at BAMA. 10 meters rowing, 20 meters rowing... all we see are beautiful coral reef and fishes. What a "WOUW" view we could see. The water is crystal clear.. and an hour canoeing 30 meters away from the beach certainly was not enough. We wish and hope this magnificent creation will remain beautiful for a long long time so our young generation will have the same opportunity to witness the same as we did. Save the Earth and let the nature lives peacefully without having the human interference that will ruin the nature beauty.


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