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Leadership OutbondLeadership training program, develop leadership trough adventure.. FOUR DAYS LEADERSHIP TRAINING ; “Leadership is the ability to get a person to do what you want, when you want it done, in the way you want it done because they want to” Dwight D Eisenhower. Also from a book of “Tsun Tzu, 1985”: If an instruction is not clear and a given order is not understandable then it’s the leader’s fault.

What happen if: A company often held trainings hence there are too many Leadership Concepts injected into the employee’s mind, Team work development has reached its maximum but result has not met the expectation, Confusion brings the leadership role and its result to below max, There is a need to develop a work model which connects to leadership role inline with market demand and company expectation, Communication between the team has been expanded hence created boredom into the work.

The options are: Refreshing with training for all staff/manager, but nowadays the existing training has made no difference with another “studying” process; or Look for another training concept which is developing and most likely. However it is still below expectation, as there are too many training tend to do the same. Only definition and terminology makes the difference

We provide the solution:

Still inline with the training concept, however we combine it with outdoor training model which is more concentrating on humanity side. A training that uses direct involvement with community, an ability to observe and gain knowledge from what they have seen, done, feel and observe.

The objective :

  • To upgrade the leadership quality
  • To understand the coaching technique
  • To upgrade the positive mental attitude
  • To develop leadership point of view to be more wide, in order to understand the role and position of a leader in a complex organization
  • To build a successful team with a supporting vision, mission and value principal
  • To build trust, team work, fairness in order to gain the result beyond expectation thru various existing potential staff
  • To create positive work culture thru experiences while living with nature and real community

Program Inclusivity:

This training program covers 4 work areas of leadership

Work area of leadership


Adventure training program to build leadership behavior

  1. Development of leadership behavior through adventure training
  2. To train behavior and spirit throe adventure training program
  3. To observe the community role of life as an experience in order to gain a result

Training Concept

  1. Living with the nature and learn the habits of the local people on their social communication, their arrangement of conducive work environment also many other things which will add up to the employee conceptual vocabulary in order to change and develop behavior of a leader within their work environment
  2. The success of this technique is by facilitating the participants to process the experiences they have gained in order to implement it into their leadership role concept and learning process

Targeting Participants

  1. First Line managers
  2. Supervisors
  3. Team Leaders

Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights
Training Location : Village area that has community workers i.e. farmers, trader etc
Learn from real live situation: In reality, within our surrounding there are many community attitudes which can be absorbed as a learning process. With the right facilitation technique ability and experienced team for outdoor training method, hence the objective of this training can be met.

Leadership training concept

Now I realize that the real education is not how we learn from someone but how we can learn from real live experience, and it’s not what we can learn in class room but what we can learn from people that we can live together, we can hear the wind blow and feel how the nature give us more than experience itself” One of Testimony in Experiential Education Assosiation World Anual Meeting


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