What is a Rope Challenge Course or known as High Rope?

high rope construction 8 mtrs above groundRope Challenge Courses (also called Ropes Courses and Challenge Courses) are "artificial mountains". Ropes courses are engineered structures which are purpose-built for humans to engage their climbing instincts. Thus ropes courses can be considered within the broader category of climbing activities which includes rock climbing, mountain climbing, ice climbing, indoor climbing, etc. Ropes Challenge Courses are proving appealing in Western societies because they offer convenient access to adventure-type activities within urban environments.

In an educational or psychological sense, a Ropes Challenge Course is nothing more than a prop, i.e., a bit of fancy equipment (a few trees or poles in the ground with a couple of wires and rope strung inbetween).Ropes Challenge Course programs typically involve small groups of participants over an intense period of hours or days, or in sessions over weeks or a semester, in a series of activities which increase in difficulty and focus variously on participants' physical, emotional, social, and intellectual capabilities.


National Park Baluran, BAMA Beach, East Java

group of deersBASIC Team and other guests left Margo Utomo Agro Resort, Kalibaru around 4.30 am with the usual Adventure wheels, Land Rover. The weather was not so friendly to start this exciting trip, cloudy all the way and just 10 minutes before we arrived at Baluran National park, it was pouring rain. After 2 hours driving, we finally reached the park. And the real journey started, passing through the savanah. We were so lucky that day to witness those rarely seen animals, name it.. deers, peacock, baby peacock, python snake, monkeys, bekisar. It was so marvelous to see their freedom in the nature. Smell of the grass and grounds after rain, added up the tropical feels along our journey and thankful to have been given the chance to see this.

A short brief about this National Park. Its located at the regency of Situbondo, Banyuputih District. Geographically located on the East Coast of East Java. On the north side bordering with Madura Strait, Bajulmati river on the west side, east side is the Bali Strait and the west coast bordering with Klokoran River. Baluran, becomes a National Park since May 23, 1997. Lays on the 25.000 hectares of land, it is divided into 5 zones namely main zone, forest zone, intensive usage zone, special usage zone and rehabilitation zone.


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