What to do in Bali ? Part 1

1. ATV Ride

The statutes of ATVEA define an ATV a short abbreviation of All Terrain Vehicle to mean any motorized vehicle designed to travel on four low pressure tires on unpaved surfaces, having a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and handlebars for steering control. ATVs are used for both utility purposes such as in the agricultural and forestry sectors as well as for recreational purposes. ATVs are designed to cope with a wide variety of terrain types.

There are few operators that offer ATV ride and mostly in Tabanan. The distance from Denpasar is around 1.5 to 2 hours or around 3 hours vice versa and the ride itself varies from 1.5 - 2 hours per trip. Each of the providers has their own uniqueness to offer either from the venue, inclusivity, and services. However, I would sum up, they generally have similarities.

Price and Age

Price starts from USD 77 nett per pax per bike for single and USD 122 nett per bike for tandem. Single means only 1 person ride the quad and tandem means 2 persons on a bike. It is rather difficult to determine the age because to most 12 years old western kids is taller than the asian children at the same age. Therefore, we allow the children to be on a quad, as long as their feet can firmly touch the ground. Most of the ATV journey are combination of ups and downs, muddy grounds, plantation, paddy fields. The price includes transport, some also includes lunch or coffee break.

Is it safe?

Yes with conditions, please pay attention well during the briefing and listen carefully to the Guide's direction on the "caution" areas especially when it needs to change gears. Get to know your quad well before starting off the journey.

What about Group Activities?

Most of the operators only have maximum 15 bikes means mostly 12 pax can leave at the same time, or if we do it in tandem means maximum 24 pax can go. Therefore, this is the maximum number of people in a group. if you have around 50 pax then it must be divided in to 2 groups and take turn to do the quad trip.



What do we think of Scavenger Hunt? time management

Here it is, to refresh our memory, it is a challenge to find specific items within a specific set of boundaries. most of us may know this is a Treasure Hunt activities. a list of items is given to each team and they have to find the items and return within a specific deadline. The team that returns with the most items on the list is designated to be the winner. It can be done on individual basis with one winner or as part of the team building, can be done in teams. Usually without purchasing them - or perform tasks or take photographs of the items, as specified. This is an exciting, challenging yet fun to get the team mates to work together.

Scavenger lists for hunts can be wide and varied, often include challenges that need to be completed creatively. If a list asks for " a picture of Catur Muka Statue" for example, you might get around the requirement by photographing a post card which features the statue. Usually, creative interpretations are highly appreciated in a Scavenger Hunt, as long as the submission comes with a convincing argument as to why it fits the description.

finalizing task

Scavenger Hunt to Strengthen and Build the team work

Being successful in the workplace requires contributions from everyone on the team. A strong team is important to meet the company's goals and function more efficiently in the workplace. This is why it is important a team of employees to perform just as they are named, as a team. There are many ways to develop and build a team's atmosphere in the workplace and one great way is to sponsor a team Scavenger Hunt. A Scavenger Hunt can be a great way to have some fun while jump starting the creative brain. It can also be a wonderfl way to inroduce children to the concepts of riddles and thinking outside the box. You can make the hunt business related by selecting items that relate to the business or market or you can make it more fun and select random items that will be more difficult to find.


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