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There are some question that usually asked to Bali Adventure Service Centre (BASIC). If your question is not in here, please contact us.

Bali Adventure Service Centre (BASIC)How many people can participate?
We conduct our programs in group consists from five to ten participants in each group. Large programs are made up of multiple teams. We provide a facilitator per one or two teams, depending on the program format and activities selected. However, for cost issue it is suggested to have minimum 25 participants per training activities.

How much does the program cost?
Each program cost is determined after we discuss your specific request/intention (tailor made programe). However, we also have a set fee schedule that takes into account your choices regarding number of participants, time, location, program type, and services preferences. Programs can cost even less (or more) given your needs and flexibility.

Where is the venue?
The client chooses the program location. We can arrange for the program suitable with the chosen location - anywhere in the area you like. Whether to do it in the hotel, beach, mountain, or there are several other alternatives we have used before - including rural and rustic - and able to offer suggestions

How much time in advance do we need to schedule a program?
We like to be able to respond to any request, and we have conducted programs with at least 10 days notice. However, given staff schedules, programs are best agreed to at least three weeks in advance. Of course, all programs are subject to resource availability. To ensure the greatest likelihood of getting the dates you want for a program we recommend planning your program at least three months in advance.

How do I get the program?
Each program describes the basic flow of your requirement. Since several program formats have varieties in durations and requests, we don't post a standard programe on the website. Programme is submitted after receiving the request.

What do we get from the training?
We put a lot of energy and our thoughts by encouraging everyone to identify what they personally and collectively want to get out of the program. We respond by identifying how this process may contribute to their desired outcome, what more may be required, and then encourage them as a group to make that happen. At the end of a program we spend time to identify the shared key learning from each group and help them identify ways that they can take follow-on action back at work. We are pleased for the complimentary feedback we get on a regular basis from people telling us how our program contributed to their success. People get more after the training, when they are personally invested in it i.e. concentrate, focus, self discipline, serious. If people come expecting us to do something to them, making us responsible for their outcome, then they could underachieve relative to the potential.

How do we know which program is best for our needs?
Often people call us with exactly what they want in mind or even ask us for suggestions. Effective way to explore your requirements is to simply fill in the enrollment form, thereafter we can talk over about your requirements and we will propose a program that is specific to your group and your goals.

Bali Adventure Service Centre (BASIC)What happens if it rains when we have scheduled an outdoor activity?
Rain is not a common problem. However, we are prepared to have alternatives ready if the training is held during rainy season. Basically, since the client chooses the date, location, and type of program, costs associated with rain considerations are borne by the client. Fundamentally, the client needs to provide for alternative indoor space in the event of rain. If we held the event at one of our partner meeting locations this is easy to arrange. Programs can be conducted either indoors or outdoors, so if it rains, we will be prepared to move the program indoors. We take responsibility to modify the program to best meet your objectives if we have to move it indoors. If you had scheduled a low or high Ropes program, the indoor option may not be of interest to you. However, during the dealing process, we usually donít suggest to include low or high rope program during rainy season unless clients insisted to have which obviously will not be refundable if this program cant be held due to rain.

What happens if we decide BASIC team to handle our training?
When you decide you want to commit to a program, BASIC will send you a Letter of Agreement that specifies the basic details of the program that you requested along with the invoice. Upon your review and approval you return a signed agreement to us. No specific date, personnel, or resources can be committed to a client until a signed agreement is returned to BASIC. When we receive the agreement back, we e-mail you with a confirmation of the agenda, schedule and facilities/services required. This process can be done through fax or e-mail.

How long does a program last?
A typical Team Building program lasts from four to nine hours. An "in-depth" leadership program can last three or four days. Some programs can be conducted in just 4 hours. The most important thing is to set realistic expectations given the time and resources you are committing to the program. Very short programs can act as ice breakers/energizer. Half day programs provide a spark of enthusiasm for teams. Longer programs actually allow teams to identify new work processes that have a greater likelihood of being transferred to work situations.

Some people are concerned with their safety. How do you ensure our safety?
It is extremely rare for someone to become injured during a program. Injuries that do occur in this field are almost always related to a previous condition, resulting in a recurrent injury. To eliminate this possibility we require every participant in potentially rigorous physical activities to complete a short medical history and consent form. We emphasize that we need each person to carefully monitor their level of involvement and not to do anything that, given the safety briefing and their own assessment, would put them and others at risk. We have found that participants monitor themselves well, and we encourage restraint. We want our programs to be fun and enjoyable. Fear of injury or intimidation has no place in our programs.

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