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What is Outward Bound or known as Outbound?

BASIC OutbondThe initial idea behind Outward Bound or more known as outbound, is that people can grow through challenge.  The word "Outward Bound" derives from the Blue Peter flag, which signaled that a ship was soon to depart.  Symbolically, then, Outward Bound as a program and organization mean “helping people to head out bravely into unknown waters”.

Outbound has played a significant role in the development of outdoor education as a whole.  The programs have significantly influenced and helped spawn many other educational experiments, schools, and training methods.

In today’s world of advanced technology and keen competition, companies need the vast resources to enhance their executives’ skills and abilities to come up as winners in the game of unending risks. BASIC Outdoor Adventure is a medium to develop confidence, self –awareness and character building of an individual in dealing with close encounters of unexpected situation that requires team work and immediate action through transformational outdoor growth experiences.

About Bali Adventure Service Centre (BASIC)

Bali Adventure Service Centre (BASIC)

It all began in 2008 when a group of successful outdoor adventure lovers decided to set up BASIC (Bali Adventure Service Centre) with a mission to develop character building of business executives to cope with a situation in sharing experiences that challenges people’s “comfort zones”. Over the past two years, BASIC has gained recognition for its unique programs that are exciting, challenging, motivating and take place in beautiful and dramatic setting. The programs we have in our vision is the product of such a pursuit.

This philosophy which serves as the main component in designing quality retreats in and beyond Bali for corporate groups and many other market segments have set us apart from the pack and put the big names to shame.

BASIC TeamHere at Basic we offer consultancy services. If you have a piece of land that you wish to develop into anything from a children playground to an activity based business, then we will be pleased to offer our services.  We can even offer advice if you are not sure what would you like to develop your land into.

We will usually begin to have your land surveyed and then put a full proposal together.  In the proposal we will make suggestions how your land should be laid out and of course the total cost, so you will be able to see how much you will need to make before you break even on your project.  We will also offer full advice on sales and marketing strategies.

We will assist in the construction as well as maintain and ensure the operation and safety are under control. Should you require our assistance to select the staff and train them to meet the standard Basic team will be happy to provide the service as well.

Having support by professional individuals from various back ground such as hoteliers, master in education, engineer and accountant, they are surely contributing huge support for the successful operation of BASIC..

If you already have any idea about your event, please fill the speedy quotation form in this website to help us to prepare a detailed proposal inline with your requirements.

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